Monday, October 22, 2012

Neutrally Red!

FINALLY I CAN POST! It's been a long time since my last post. I feel really bad -_- well, my internet connection is so shitty these days, I've topped up, but my modem just didn't work aaargh so annoying -_- but so happy that finally it's working now :D

About this post, I just love wearing everything neutral and creamy these days, even though I love wearing bright colors, but well, nude, navy, and stuffs are like soooo comfy and calm, don't you think? :)

Anyway, this is my post that should be posted last week. (oh well.... such a bad blogger) :((( huhuhu. But alright then, hope you guys enjoy!

So happy with my new denim jacket! It has some red accents and it's Levis! :D

Loving my collar necklace <3

I adore how the red color pops up the whole outfit! What do you guys think? ;)

My lil rose ring :3

 What I wore: red bowler hat - China ; top - unbranded ; denim jacket - Levis ; skirt - Gaudi ; collar necklace - local market ; rose ring - Mr. Freddy ; oxford shoes - Yuan ; socks - Sox Gallery 


Thursday, October 11, 2012

RETREAT 03/10/12 - 05/10/12

Good night readers :) well, tonight I'm gonna post some photos from my school's retreat activity in Bukit Karmel last week. My class, 12 social 3 which is called Zwolf Social Drei (COOL OR WHAT lol) was in 1 trip with 12 social 1. SO HAPPYYYY

Anyway, retreat is an annual activity in my school. It's held for the 12th graders to prepare ourselves for our future, especially after we graduate high school. There're lots of games, seminars, and prayers. At first, I thought lots of boredoms during retreat, but the fact is..... it was actually really FUN! We cried, we hugged, we apologized, we forgave, we prayed, we learned lots of things, we realized who we are and what we actually want for our future.

AAAAH too many things to say, too many to describe, well, retreat is 'undescribable'! How I miss those times so much :(

Alright, enough with the whole story, let's just continue to..... PICTURES :D

Too lazy to type. Kthxbye :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Three Little Minions

So hello guys! Perhaps you guys have ever watched Despicable Me? Right, there're these little creatures, aliens I guess. They are yellow, fat, chubby, fluffly, and..... stupid. But you know, in a cute way <3

Well, guess what? J gave me these 3 little pigs, oh I mean minions! OMGGGG aren't they super cute or what!!!!

 How can you resist these cute lil faces :o oooohhhh *melts*

You guys have the cutest hair everrrrr!

And those overalls! And glasses!

I just can't get enough of them........ My little babies :3

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vintage Military

Hi guys! I'm really sorry for my long-time-no-post kinda thing :( well, been very busy lately. But finally, I had this photo shoot this afternoon. SO HAPPY! The theme is vintage, but I kinda put a lil military touch in it. Alright then..........

I present to you........ My DIY crop tee! I finally 'ruined' my H&M plain crop tee ;;)

How I love cute rings! 

Mixed my pearl layered necklace with a cross necklace <3

LOVEEEE this round sling bag!
Military jacket - Forever21 ; cut out crop tee - H&M (DIY) ; floral skirt - redros ; bird ring - Forever21 ; flower rings - Bangkok ; necklaces & bracelet - random ; round sling bag - Mango ; clogs - Zara