Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hey pretty people. I'm feeling real blue right now, what to do? eat, I mean BLOG. Ha, so I was just sitting on my bed, wondering about how sad tomorrow's gonna be. And ta-daaa, found these pics.

Me + cousin + oily faces + messy ugly hair = ignore this photo. Please
What I wore: studded cardigan - Stradivarius ; inner - random ; bag - Cerruti ; faux leather skirt - Gaudi

YES. These were taken a year ago during the SUMMER WIPE OUT held at NINOTCHKA, Jakarta. And finally having the chance to show off now, lol. But hey, how can you not get jealous by these photos below? HA! In your face! Having the chance to take photos with awesome fashion bloggers is just AMAZING.

 With the artsy Cindy Biantoro from Diamond Hurts

 With the gorgeous Anastasia Siantar from Brown Platform

With the pretty Sonia Eryka from Diary of: The Riotous Belle

With the sweet Clara from Luce Dale

And noooow, I'm super EXCITEDDDD! So gonna be there! Are you guys going too? :) 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Yearbook Photo Session

SO HI PEEPZ. I'm feeling bored tonight, looking at my pathetic blog with no new post -_- Ha ha ha *patheticlaugh*. But thank God, I found these pics hidden inside my ohdeer album on my lappy. These were taken months ago during my class' yearbook photo session, during free time of course :)) our theme was some kinda travelling thing I suppose, I forgot x_x sorry. Gaaah, just enjoy the pics u guys :)) 

ufos printed top - Rafika ; denim shorts - unbranded ; sheer socks - Sox Gallery ; black boots - Sg ; spiked peach beanie - Abbe Store ; backpack - Mr.Freddy

And voilaaaaa! Some pics with my class mates :)