Saturday, December 20, 2014

Puerille Adolesense

Hi readers, finally it's holiday! Well, not at all for me, tho. But still, at least no class. Have so many agendas for this holiday. Internship, personal tailor project, knitting project, reports, presentation, etc. So dead. And you know what? I dropped even before holiday. Got sick and had to go bed rest, wtf. Thank God, today I get better. And hey, I was doing my personal tailor project, but got bored, so yeah, blogging is quite better and less boring, right?

By the wayyyyyy, I've just submitted my fashion design project yesterday. It's optical illusion project, and we had to make our own optical illusion motive and had to make the realisation. The day before yesterday, I had this photoshoot with a really quirky blogger named Ines Ariani, you guys should have known her (check out her blog here). So happy with the result <3

Wardrobe designer: Lisshandra Tanata
Photographer: Aeidy Thomerson
MUA: Azaria Lie
Model: Ines Ariani

Thanks for reading! See you guys on my next post :) And oh, don't forget to check out my clothing line (LSD.apparels) and go shoooopppppp nowwwwww!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

LSD is back.

Hi readers! OMG finally I'm back on track. Hahahahahahah. Okay, I apologised for leaving my blog quite long. It's really hectic in real life, you know. And I've been quite busy preparing for my new clothing line called LSD (Lee-Shawn-Drugh). Yes, as you can see from my blog's header. I've wanted to make my own clothing line since forever, and I'm very thankful that finally, I made it!

By the way, you guys can check out LSD's instagram (@lsd.apparels) for more info! Go follow and stalk now :P (P.S.: these are just a few of my collections)

And oh, I'm feeling like posting this ootd picture of mine :P Everyone's been crazy about KZL. And I'm one of them! Love this matching tee and bucket hat! Been thinking about making LSD bucket hat. And oh! I've also launched LSD black tee, you can see it on instagram (@lsd.apparels).   

  What I'm wearing: KZL bucket hat and white tee ; unbranded ripped jeans ; @awonderbox black platforms

And......... I'm done with this post. Thanks for reading beautiful people :) Keep following and reading my blog guys!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Midi hair cut.

Hi lovely peeps, so 2 days ago, I had a hair cut! Finally, letting my full hip-length hair go, and tried a new look, which is midi-haircut. Pretty excited, cuz I've never had a haircut this short before *epic,ikr* But well, I pretty like my hair this way, looks more fresh, I think. What about you guys? What do you think about my new hair? Yay or nay? 

Thanks for reading <3 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sweet plastic.

Hi loves! So it's been 'ages' since I last posted a blog post (haha). And I'm truly sorry for that, since I've been really busy with all the college projects and stuffs, and it's been really lazy for me to blog. And if you guys are following my instagram: lisshandratanata, you'd know how often I post ootd posts there. Hahaha, you'd say I'm addicted. lol

So well, this is my plastic cape I made for Fashion Culture and History project about travelling. Guess where I got the inspiration from? Universal Studio Singapore! Didn't actually go in there, but just hangin, trying to find perfect spot to take pics, fortunately, I found Candylicious (candy shop) and I was just being hypnotized to go in, and I found a group of bottles filled with candies <3 colorful ones! And in a blink, I just knew I had to make this cape.

Special thanks to Nyoman for the picture :) and GUIDE

Look 1
What I wore: Pull&Bear denim shirt ; Uniqlo jeans (ripped by me) : Converse pink sneakers

Look 2
What I wore: TOPSHOP pink lacey dress ; Pull&Bear lollipop socks : Converse pink sneakers

Special thanks to Natalie for the awezum makeup!

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Plaids All Over

Hi peopleeee! Here's my ootd wearing plaids for days... And oh, my classmates and I attended Jakarta Fashion Week. Here's what I wore during JFW, tee-hee! (anyway u guys can check out my instagram: lisshandratanata, cuz I often post there, thanks!).

Excuse my lousy-mix-everything outfits. Have just got home from campus, so yeah...
What I wore: bomber jacket - Argyle & Oxford ; tee - Platform ; leggings - Stradivarius ; denim sling bag - Platform ; necklace - Cotton On ; creepers - New Look


Totally in love with this cat-faced snow white & the seven dwarfs tee. And the Argyle and Oxford jacket for sure.                              

With the sexeh ladies!

And the always-beautiful Elxi.

With some gorgeous models! Which made us looked like potatoes.

And short.

Lousy face wtf.
What I wore: plaids shirt - TOPSHOP ; tee - Platform ; camo tote bag - The Goods Dept. ; studded loafers  - New Look

Taking shots in front of this wall cuz we thought we're kool.

 With the only guy in the world, Andy Yanata. 

See u on my next post pweety peepz.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bazaar Fashion Festival

Hello fellow readers :) Well, about 2 weeks ago, my college friends and I went to BAZAAR Fashion festival to watch several fashion shows. WOHOO! We were so happy we could die... Just kidding. Actually, in this post, there won't be any pics of the runways, but you guys can check my instagram: lisshandratanata, to watch some videos I took during the fashion shows.

But at least, here are some ootds during the shows :p

What I wore: crystal beanie - H&M ; skull sweater - Infare (Ci Catherine's booth) ; skeleton bangle+rings - H&M ; leather boots - Infare (Kak Gricia's booth) ; black envelope - The Little Things She Needs

With my pretty girls <3 

What I wore: sweater - H&M ; clutch - Bershka ; plaids skirt - PICNIC ; platform sneakers - Converse

Strike a pose!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pop the lace

Hi, so I'm posting some photos I took few days ago during my group's research project for marketing class. The teacher told us to take some shots of stylish people on the street. Yes, and we were super lucky to met some amazing people *yippie!*

And for me, I finally met one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Gabriella Olivia <3 I could't even speak a thing... I know some of you think I'm weird for idolizing someone who has the same gender like myself, but I don't care. I just love her style so much! 


My group and Oliv posing together like whaaaat

With my sweet and pretty classmate!

And of course, some shots of myself with my OOTD =P

Always complete everything with 'cheeze' pose. lol

What I wore: necklace - Stradivarius ; pink lacey dress - TOPSHOP ; black loose cardigan - H&M ; pink thick-soled sneakers - Converse