Saturday, December 20, 2014

Puerille Adolesense

Hi readers, finally it's holiday! Well, not at all for me, tho. But still, at least no class. Have so many agendas for this holiday. Internship, personal tailor project, knitting project, reports, presentation, etc. So dead. And you know what? I dropped even before holiday. Got sick and had to go bed rest, wtf. Thank God, today I get better. And hey, I was doing my personal tailor project, but got bored, so yeah, blogging is quite better and less boring, right?

By the wayyyyyy, I've just submitted my fashion design project yesterday. It's optical illusion project, and we had to make our own optical illusion motive and had to make the realisation. The day before yesterday, I had this photoshoot with a really quirky blogger named Ines Ariani, you guys should have known her (check out her blog here). So happy with the result <3

Wardrobe designer: Lisshandra Tanata
Photographer: Aeidy Thomerson
MUA: Azaria Lie
Model: Ines Ariani

Thanks for reading! See you guys on my next post :) And oh, don't forget to check out my clothing line (LSD.apparels) and go shoooopppppp nowwwwww!