Monday, January 14, 2013

Clouds and Stars

Well hello boys and girls! :"> finally, here I am, posting my latest outfit post which I love so much <33 why? because I'm wearing my new sweatshirt! I don't know, I just feel comfortable with sweaters, sweatshirts, or jumpers these days. Maybe because they're over-sized, plus, you know.... sweatshirts nowadays are super cool with so many cute and adorable designs and graphics. I just love them :3

Just look at how the blue color splashes all over it! Is it just me, but my sweatshirt looks like a blue sky filled with lil clouds. Don't you think? :3 

Anyway, to make it more interesting, I paired it with a polkadots skirt, a tattoo tights, and then added a furry ball beanie, a pair of tosca loafers and a shocking pink jelly sling bag. About the skirt, honestly, the dots look like little stars in the night sky. I'm just like wooooww...... 'CLOUDS & STARS' look so good together :">

Unicorns and angels on my feet!

beanie - Promod ; sweatshirt - Forever21 ; skirt - Cotton On ; tattoo tights - Abbey Road ; loafers - Yuan

See you on my next post!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One day in the forest

HEY PEOPLEEEEEE! It's been a really longlonglonglonglong.... (k,enufwiththe'long') time since my last post, right? Maybe some of you might think im dead, missing, or being kidnapped by some mysterious aliens which are creepy and stuffs. But well, lemme tell you, I'm still alive, healthy, happy, here, in this beautiful world.

HA! The truth is, I've had no time to blog or take pictures since exam, been busy with registration stuffs for college, an of course, holiday, which I spent in Jakarta for about 2 weeks maybe? Oh yeah, about holiday, HAPPY LATELATELATESUPPAHLATE NEW YEARRRR!!! Finally, it's 2013, and the movie 2012 finally turned out to be in the comedy section -_- lol

Well, in Jakarta, my cousin and I finally made time to have this photoshoot in somekinda garden that looks like a forest. I forgot what the name is. Oh just forget it, this time, I wore a few pieces with tribal pattern which I love so much and a pair of maroon creepers which I've been searching all holiday from malls to malls. Alright then.... just enjoy the pics :D

Closer look to my creepers <3 I fall to its color :">

Matching tribal-patterned shirt and hw shorts! LOVE

Do I look so mean? Oh, sorry x_x

shirt & shorts - Platform ; black tank top - mom's ; creepers - New Look