Sunday, August 26, 2012

Serious Sunday

HEY FOLKS! Another post for today! YAYNESS :D this afternoon I thought of having a photo shoot at Ocarina. Well, I kinda dressed a lil bit different from what I usually wear. I decided to wear something more serious and colorless.

Found this really cute graffity :3

It's really hard to make a serious face. Like seriously -_-

I laughed a lot during the photo shoot -_- I'm just not a good model lol

My flat platform sandals! 

So happy with the fringe dress lalalala

What I wore: fringe dress - Listen to What Hollywood Says ; blazer - N.Y.L.A ; choker - vintagest olstore ; ring - vintagest olstore ; bracelets - cotton on


Happy LATE Eid Mubarak

Okay guys, hello! Today I wanna post the pictures from this year's Eid Mubarak. So sorry for the REALLYYYYY LATE Eid Mubarak post -_-

So, during the first day of Ramadhan, Nyoman invited me to her house. Well, that means........ GREAT FOOD! Fyi, her mom is a total pro in cooking. We ate lontong sayur, and some cookies. Yum! Anyway, here are some pics she took that day:


 This pic is taken by Nyoman's lil brother, Chresna. HAPPY LATE EID MUBARAK people! "mohon maaf lahir dan batin :)"

What I wore: 
  • Printed dress - H&M
  • Brown flats - The Little Things She Needs
  • Keep Calm and Carry On ring - Bangkok
  • Yellow and pink bracelets - MiniMini
  • Other bracelets - Diva


Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Babies in My Closet!

Wazzupppppp you guys! Well, today I wanna post some of my new stuffs I bought during this Ramadhan holiday. Well, not much, but so happy to welcome these babies into my closet :D

So, here they are:

1. Owl dress

I got this dress from a local boutique in Batam, called Beautiful. Cute dress isn't it?

I just loveeee the little owls <3

2. Color splash skirt

YAY! Finally found a really cute colorful skirt to complete my skirts collection *lovestruck* anyway, got this from a market!

 Like a painting, me likey :3

3. Floral jumpsuit

I'm not really into jumpsuit these days, but when I saw this, I changed my mind. It doesn't really look like a jumpsuit, it looks more like a dress. Hey, got this from Beautiful.

The back side. Love the bottom pattern!

4. Neon parachute jacket

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIECE! A really cute parachute jacket witch neon colors! Got this from a local boutique in Batam called Redros. Click here to check out their collection :)

You can also wear it like this, so it looks like a blazer or coat :)


5. Giant collar dress

The collar is just too catchy and quirky! YAYNESS! Got this from a local market :D

6. Over-sized jumper

I love over-sized apparels, especially jumper. I got this from 3Second, and fyi, it's for man! lol

Great quality wool. Black and white, never out of trend.

 Well done! :D gonna wear those stuffs as soon as possible! And of course, I'll combine them with some of my old stuffs and walaaaa, the results are gonna be....... I don't know, you guys have to wait and see ;;)


Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 67th birthday INDONESIA

Well, hi again fellas! Another post for tonight. Today is Indonesia's Independence day. Yes, my country is having its 67th birthday. Really proud :)

Anyway, this morning my friends and I from SMAKYS choir team (yes, it's my school's choir team) were invited to Bank Indonesia to did a choir for Independence Day ceremony. We sang maybe 4 songs. I forgot -_- some of them are Indonesia Raya, Tanah Airku, etc. My favorite is Tanah Airku. 
How about you guys? What's your favorite national song? ;)

Well here are some quick shots of me and Rebeca.

We wore black dresses. Yes, thanks for the dark accent, it made me feel skinny.

And the loafers..........

What I wore: black dress - mom's ; red ribbon - DIY ; black velvet loafers - The Little Things She Needs 


Hesley's Sweet 17th

Oh! Hi guys, I'm super duper sorry for not updating my blog for a really long time. Like seriously -_-

Okay, anyway, a week ago (10th August), Amelia, Rebeca, and I made a surprise for Hesley, the birthday girl! Yes! She is now a 17-year-old bitch. MY BITCHIEST BITCH EVAAAAA (anyway, I love you so much, tet *kisses*) and she's going to Singapore soooon :( so saaaaddddd!

Well here is the story....... At 5 am, I went to Amel's house to prepare the birthday toast, and here it is.......
(I'm really sorry for the bad qualities :( some of them're taken by itouch)

It is poured by LOTS of CHEESE and CHOCOLATE 

After that, we went to pick Rebe up then shoooooo to Hesley's residence. And suddenly Jesica came...... (she's not in any of these pics, sorry)
The H envelope, both for Hesley and Happy birthday ;)

Here they are..... THE DOODLES!

 That is my awesome doodle lol. The one I pointed :p yes, I drew her face + the cool ombre hair. Yes I know I'm awesome (enough!)


In the evening, we attended her birthday party at Angkringan Dutamas. Sorry for the dark photos, well, and the camera isn't good enough for night shots -_-

What I wear: colorful stripes top - Gaudi ; studded head band - vintagest ol store 

End of the story!