Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Babies in My Closet!

Wazzupppppp you guys! Well, today I wanna post some of my new stuffs I bought during this Ramadhan holiday. Well, not much, but so happy to welcome these babies into my closet :D

So, here they are:

1. Owl dress

I got this dress from a local boutique in Batam, called Beautiful. Cute dress isn't it?

I just loveeee the little owls <3

2. Color splash skirt

YAY! Finally found a really cute colorful skirt to complete my skirts collection *lovestruck* anyway, got this from a market!

 Like a painting, me likey :3

3. Floral jumpsuit

I'm not really into jumpsuit these days, but when I saw this, I changed my mind. It doesn't really look like a jumpsuit, it looks more like a dress. Hey, got this from Beautiful.

The back side. Love the bottom pattern!

4. Neon parachute jacket

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIECE! A really cute parachute jacket witch neon colors! Got this from a local boutique in Batam called Redros. Click here to check out their collection :)

You can also wear it like this, so it looks like a blazer or coat :)


5. Giant collar dress

The collar is just too catchy and quirky! YAYNESS! Got this from a local market :D

6. Over-sized jumper

I love over-sized apparels, especially jumper. I got this from 3Second, and fyi, it's for man! lol

Great quality wool. Black and white, never out of trend.

 Well done! :D gonna wear those stuffs as soon as possible! And of course, I'll combine them with some of my old stuffs and walaaaa, the results are gonna be....... I don't know, you guys have to wait and see ;;)



  1. i love your new floral skirt and owl dress, cuteness! <3 ive followed u back but as i dont use any picture, u will find me on the last page of ur followers list okay! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  2. love your all new stuff esp floral jumpsuit and floral patterns skirt totally steal my eyes ;)

  3. I LOVE floral! Very cute pieces :)


  4. I love your skirt, so cute!<3


  5. #2 and #4 are my favorites!!! how i miss shopping at batam :(

  6. omg we had a same skirt,
    but i bought it from romwe.
    check my last post ,i wore that skirt ☺

    Just found your blog.
    Really love it ☺
    Following your blog now,mind to follow back my blog? ☺


    1. oh sure! thanks :) omgggg!!!! so gonna check your blog out :)

  7. great stuff! I looove that jacket it's amazing!

  8. nice pick!
    the colour spash skirt and the flowery jumpsuit are to die for!
    mind to follow each?
    visit mine if you have time :D

    Wulan Wu on

  9. can't wait for your reply, so I'm following you now :D
    hope you mind to follow back.

    Wulan Wu on

  10. Everything is so pretty :) I'm following you now :)

  11. that owl dress is super cute, really like the print