Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another farewell.

So yesterday, Jesica and I went to the airport sending Amelia off to Jogjakarta. So sad........ Didn't forget to take photos tho :p

Amelia and me
What I wore: tribal t-shirt - Kenapa Harus Baru ; printed pants - Trafaluc ; red slip on loafers - Sarinah 

Jesica and Amelia

Jesica, Amelia, me

Best luck and see you soon, Mel! And the others (Rebeca, Windy, Regina, Hesley) too! So gonna miss you, girls :( keep in touch!


Monday, August 19, 2013


I've just got home from the airport, sending Rebeca off to Jakarta. Yes, she's moving tonight! So sad.......

And didn't forget to take a shot of my ootd, even at home. Hahahaha
What I wore: floral long tee - Day's & Smoothie ; printed denim-colored vest - Gaudi ; denim sweatpants - local market ; platform sandals - Staccato

And as I promised..... (eventho it's supposed to be yesterday), here are the photos during our (my bitches' and my) farewell gathering on Fri. And yes, we're wearing the same velvet top but with different colors :p 










So long bichezzzz..........

Friday, August 16, 2013

Where's the space ship?

TGIFFFF! So this afternoon, my (3 remaining) bitches and I had a farewell-gathering due to us, moving 1 by 1 from Batam to continue our studies in college. Omg, how sad..... And we ended taking pics together in Ocarina. But I asked Rebeca to take some shots of my ootd too! Anyway, I'll post our pics tomorrow or maybe on Sunday :p Just wait, ok :))

It was super windy maaan..... My hair just sucked and finally I had to like hold it back. And my face ended being super big, wide, fat, etc. Gah

Fav pair of nike sneakers. It's comfy and PINK.
What I wore: printed loose t-shirt - Platform ; pink leggings - local store ; pink sneakers - Nike ; boom bag - New Look ; rubber bands - Claire's ; matching unicorn necklace and charm bracelet - Claire's

See you on my next post! Bye xx

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ba ba ba ba banana!

"Ba ba ba ba banana ba ba ba ba banana bananaaaaaa potatonaaaaaa bananaaaaaaaa......" Who doesn't love that song anyway? Ha, I'm just too addicted. So basically, this look was inspired by that song, I mean with the banana and stuffs, and coincidently, my top matched  :))

A pair of neon shades never goes wrong. 

What I wore: neon shades - Forever 21 ; top - 3 Mongkis ; rubber bands - Claire's ; polka jeggings - Miami Beach ; Hinglander Sandals - MKS Shoes 

Thanks for reading, bye! xx 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Show off, huh?

Hi. I realized my posts recently aren't outfit posts. And are boring. Gah..... haven't done any outfit shots yet. But well, this morning, I was thinking about how bad my posts are recently, so I decided to take some shots of my ootd. I'm not good with cameras, soooo all I can do was taking lucky shots. If you know what I mean.....

P.S.: I've tried using the self timer-thingy, but failed. I'm stupid with cameras so... yeah, pardon me. 

What I wore: t-shirt - Rafika ; khaki high waisted shorts - local market 

My recent face.

Thanks for reading, bye. xx

Friday, August 2, 2013

Room sweet room.

Good evening peepel. So..... I've just touched my bed, which means I've just got back from Jakarta. So here I am.... in Batam.... ha ha ha. And hey, are u guys going to Ninotchka or maybe were there for their MONDAY MARKET???? sadly, I couldn't make it!!!!! :( My mom and I were just too busy taking care of our stuffs.... well, I'm moving to Jakarta on September due to starting my college life in Esmod Jakarta. So yeah... busybusybusy!

CAMWHOREEEE (excuse my pictures and my fugly face, just stare at the shades)

What I wore: Forever 21 neon shades ; Cotton On dress from Kenapa Harus Baru 

I know this post maybe disgusts you a lil bit. Or a lot, idk. But yeah, bye.