Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pop the lace

Hi, so I'm posting some photos I took few days ago during my group's research project for marketing class. The teacher told us to take some shots of stylish people on the street. Yes, and we were super lucky to met some amazing people *yippie!*

And for me, I finally met one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Gabriella Olivia <3 I could't even speak a thing... I know some of you think I'm weird for idolizing someone who has the same gender like myself, but I don't care. I just love her style so much! 


My group and Oliv posing together like whaaaat

With my sweet and pretty classmate!

And of course, some shots of myself with my OOTD =P

Always complete everything with 'cheeze' pose. lol

What I wore: necklace - Stradivarius ; pink lacey dress - TOPSHOP ; black loose cardigan - H&M ; pink thick-soled sneakers - Converse


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Infare: Day 1

Hi peepzzzz. Long time no blog.... Been really busy with college life. Hectic days have just begun. *sigh* 
Anyway, yesterday, I went to FX to shop at Infare! AAAAH so happy! And the most amazing thing is, while you spend your money buying things you love, you're also helping the unfortunate ones :) Shopping is finally a good thing, right? :p 


With Catherine Soepadi from A Bowl of Cath Soep

With Lizelisabeth from Voguish Doodles 

With Ines Ariani from Aiiness 

With Gricia Effendi from Mi Story Mi Life 

With Claudia Phankova from One Breezy Sunday 

Loving this HORROR beanie <3

What I wore: tartan shirt - Uniqlo ; beanie - H&M ; backpack - H&M ; sneakers - PICNIC

Aaaand these are what I got :) YAY!

And today I'm going there again! Double YAYYYYYYY <3